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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Horrible customer service


So I got and email stating my bill is overdue which was surprising as I'm on auto payment for years... I called and after punching my ID etc. And waiting for a long time, the agent answered... The agent didn't understand me and constantly asking for my ID again then hung up on me!!!

I decided to chat and I was hooked up with a "virtual" agent!!! That took a long time before I ended the chat...


WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AGL... I think it's time for me to switch to a company based in Australia after almost a decade... Very disappointed


AGL Moderator

Hi Nee,


Thanks for contacting us and for using AGL Community.


I am sorry to hear about your experience. If you enquiry relates specifically to your account, you will need to contact us directly here:


We'd be happy to assist.





See, this is the problem... if you read my message I said I DID contact you first though I actually shouldn't have since it was a problem from your end! but your agent hung up on me!


another agent called me on Monday though (I believe his name was Adrian)... I thought he was following up but he was looking for money for the overdue bill, I told him I have always been on autopayment and he confirmed he still can see the details of my autopayment and for some reason it didn't go through (I could see on my AGL app that it says the payment will go through automatically today)... interestingly  he threatened me that I am going to face a late fee if I don't give him my credit card number... when I told him he could use the info from the autopayment, he was defensive and told me he can't and I HAVE TO give him my credit card number otherwise AGL will charge me a late fee,  told him I can pay the bill over the internet NOW and he didn't accept it! long story short the paypal payment went through as we were speaking and he confirmed it, BUT he also mentioned that if I received a late fee, I shouldn't call AGL!!!


PS: If you want to write me a pre-scripted answer with pointless instruction, please don't...


consider this as the 3rd strike! Adios



I am having the same trouble as Horrible customer service with unpaid amount appearing on my account when I have been direct debited for years.  Very frustrating trying to keep track of these back payments unpaid.  Also seriously considering changing supplier.


So it's a systematic issue which they don't want to admit or worse they want to cover it....


I have already made a move to a supplier with Aussie based costumer service... Hopefully it won't turn out another lemon 🙂