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High bill after getting new smart meter



I recently had a smart meter installed and just recieved my first electricity bill which was 60 dollars a month dearer than any other bill ive ever had. 

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The reason the bill is higher is the "Smart" meter enables AGL to bill higher rates when you use electricity most and less when you don't. This is not explained when they advise they are fitting this type of meter end fuels the debate abour electricty suppliers integrity.

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Hi @Langley and @Keeney

Thank you for reaching out to us about this change in bill cost after receiving your smart meter. A common misconception is that a digital meter will look at when you are using energy the most, and apply higher charges for this period. However, that is completely wrong! The charges that apply to an analogue meter would be the same as those that apply to a digital meter. You can read more about this here.


There may be a few other reasons as to why the bill was higher than usual, and our service team would be most happy to help. You can speak to right here:


Thank you for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you.


Cheers, Jordan

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I used to be with another supplier (not AGL).  When the Smart meter was installed, my bill more than tripled, yet I had not installed any other extra electrical equipment, so I went to the Ombudsman.  They were great and looked into it for me.  The energy supplier finally backed down after 12 months and said there was a fault with the hand held reader.  However, despite refunding me over $1000 for that bill, ever since  the bills have been much higher than those I used to get with the old meter.  My neighbour has a pool, two split systems, 3 fridges and there are 6 adults living there.  Her bill continues to be half  that of mine.  I just don't get it.


I just had my meter replaced with a smart meter. I was previously on 29c/kWh for power and 16c/kWh for controller load 1 for hot water. Less than a week after a smart meter was installed I got an email to notify me that I had been changed to peak 36c/shoulder 35c/off peak 18c/kWh charges and changed to controlled load 2 for hot water. 

I have tried contacting AGL and they said it was because of the meter installed. This is a 28% increase in my usage charges.