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HUGE gas bill


Guys, I've been having a nightmare with this - any advice much appreciated!


I moved into my place in March 2017. It's a small, two bedroom flat that my girlfriend and I live in. We have a small gas heater we use occasionally in the winter evenings. We have two meters (hot water and general other). The hot water meter is inside the house (was hidden behind a panel and I only found it a week ago) and as such it was estimated from the date I moved in until a week ago. The estimates were generally ok (about $200 for 3 months which is a bit high but I stupidly never questioned it). I only realised when they sent me an estimated bill for $500 back in August and queried it.


Since then I haven't got very far. Various customer service individuals have placed complaints for me, requested that Jemena come and take an actual read and organise with me, but nothing has happened. Then a week ago it just happened that I was at home when they came round to take the read and I got my first non-estimated bill - $1,100.


This was obviously not what I was expecting from such a small flat. I called AGL but they basically said they can't do anything. I have to pay the bill and the only thing I can do is pay myself for someone to check my hot water isn't faulty and leaking gas (and regardless, I'm the home owner so won't be able to recover any of this).


I understand this bill is so large as it's probably been over the estimated amount for the past 18 months, but considering I've been paying well above the average for a two bedroom place with two people during that time I just don't understand how it's that high. And I don't understand how when I queried it months ago about why I had been estimated for so long they did nothing to right the issue (I still haven't had a visit from Jemena other than the recent regular reading since August when I raised the complaint and three separate AGL employees having told me someone would be sent).


It just seems like there is such a disconnect between Jemena and AGL and Jemena are free to do what they want behind the scenes whilst AGL are very poor at the client facing side of things.


I'm really reluctant to part with $1,100 when I don't feel like any of this issue has been sorted and I don't feel any kind of confidence that I'll be getting a fair deal going forward and I think I'll genuinely explode if I pay someone to come check out my hot water and they tell me there's nothing wrong - any advice?!

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