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I've just received my quarterly gas bill that is over $1000 compared to literally every other gas bill I've had ranging from $200-$240. On this bill the meter has been read on two seperate occasions with one stating the initial reading started at "0", has a general sausage charge, a supply's charge AND a "general usage next charge" which I've never had before and is over $600???? Not to mention no one has occupied the premises for 1/3 of the quarter??? What is going on??? Not impressed at all. 



* general usage charge, supply charge and "general next supply" charge 

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Hi Jenna98_,


This sounds highly unusual!


Can I ask if the second meter reading starting at '0' is listed under a different meter number ("Meter no.") than the other meter reading? Are you aware of your gas meter being replaced at all?


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i wonder what 'general usage charge' is. in the past months, mine ones did not include that either but i got the 'general usage charge' this bill. by the way, i pay monthly and i live in victoria.