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Gas usage


I received my first gas bill at my new rental property 10 days ago.

The average daily usage was 74mj.

This seems really high for 1 person taking 1 shower a day, not using any heating yet and cooking on a gas stove perhaps 4 times a week.

I have been recording the meter reading for the past 5 days and it seems right, so could there be a leak somewhere?

How do I check?

Does AGL send someone out or do I need to arrange this myself?


AGL Moderator

Hi @Louise


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On your bill, does it suggest that your read was estimated or actual? That may be important in figuring out as to why your bill might appear high to you. If it's an estimate, it's generally based on the average consumption in your local area if we do not have much historical data of your usage.


There is an article here that gives you a step by step guide on how to submit your own reads to us, which in place of estimations will give you a bill more alligned with your actual usage.


Actual meter reads are performed by your local distributor who will then provide the data to us for billing purposes. These are done once every 3 months provided there is clear access to the meter. If you are on monthly billing you will receive 2 estimates and then a catch up bill once the meter has been read.


I hope the above helps, please let us know if you require any further information.


Thanks for the reply however I am not querying the amount of the bill, but the usage.

The reading is actual not estimated.

My issue is that I used to use an average of 50mj a day at a previous property with gas hot water and gas cooking, with another person in the house.

Now I am using 72mj a day by myself.

What could cause this? Is it possible there is a gas leak?


AGL Moderator

@Louise We can't rule anything out at this stage however it's best to contact us in regards to your particular issue. 


Hi Louise,


I'm a consumer, I don't work for AGL, looking at yout query carefully, I'm wondering if apples are really apples, hot water services are not all the same, setting for temperature differ, if you had a gas leak I'm sure you would know it by now, but like AGL say, nothing can be ruled out. A licenced gas fitter checks for leaks with a spray bottle od a mild solution of soapy water, your nose should also be of help in detecting gas leaks.


 As AGL suggest, try doing a meter read daily or more than once  day, perhaps early morning and ;last thing at night, I do mine weekly and note the calculated cost of my gas with the 'enter my read' facility on the AGL website, this may help to tally your costs and daily usage.


One last thing, is your HWS continuous or storage, the former shoud be relatively cheaper to run, the latter may be more expensive, with the latter the size of storage as well as the temperature setting play a big part in running costs.


Good luck.


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