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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Gas bill


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Please explain how they distribute the gas MJ meter reading to the chart with the price and unit. My bill does not add up. 

There was an actual read and and estimated read total of 10,583.09 MJ


However for the chart of new usage and supply charges, they distributed 2904.38 to 1 day (May 31). and the 7676.71 MJ to the estimated June (30 days).


How did they distribute the 10583.09 between the off peak (1 day) and peak winter (30 days). Why was the bulk (7676.71 MJ) distributed to June (30 days) when in the estimate it was only supposed to be 4734.54 MJ?


I have called AGL and they said that the how why and what cannot be answered since I called outside of office hours!!!!! what happened to 24x7 support? I have been inquiring about this since Friday, and never got a call back. 






Hey @Joziegrozy


You can share a screen shot by saving it as a .png and then using the 'insert/edit image' function (in the toolbar above - the button looks like a little picture of a landscape) to insert it in the post. 


Make sure you don't include any personal details in the image. Once we have your reply we'll take a look into it for you 🙂 




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I have posted a picture now. NO ONE in the 24x7 call support can give me an explanation! they just keep saying, it's distributed because my bill is monthly. so is distribution totally random!? unacceptable! I will switch providers, when customer support is so rude, as I am only making an inquiry and I have been a good standing PAYING customer for 2 years now!!


Hi @Joziegrozy, we're sorry to hear about this experience with the call centre - not the kind of service promise we make to our customers. We'd like to help clarify this account statement and get to the bottom of the situation with you; are you able to please send me a private message with your contact details? I'll ensure someone who can help gets in touch today.



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Hi Joziegrozy,


I just saw your post, I have the same issue - I get monthly gas bill and the cost has doubled.

When I checked the usage it was a big increase from last year, and the given rate is not as per my contract plan for peak season usage.


I wonder if AGL has resolve your issue and if any advice for this ?


My contract with AGL is ending so I am considering other provider if it is not worth my time to resolve this.




thank you kindly !






I was able to finally get in touch with someone from AGL, during AU office hours via a phone call. 


The rates can get confusing 😞 since gas meter reads are estimations, they need to adjust and divide by number of calendar days by 60 days, apparently this should be in the fine print in the contract. (I'm still comfused)


I'm guessing ( for your case) that the rates in the invoice are already increased rates compared to the rates in the contract when you signed up, they increased significantly this yr. 😞 


If you have access to your gas meter, you can submit online every month so the change of rates are clear and AgL can put that inour bill straightforward, and prevent confusing us.


I considered changing providers; but when I canvassed, the rates all seem to be the same, I just re-signed up with AGL for gas and this time availed of the 18% discount. (My current plan was only at 11%) I did not renew for electricity yet as I see other companies providing cheaper rates outside of the normal discounts applied. 


Hope this helps, you really need to have a call with them to have the bill explained 😞 and their Manila call center is NO HELP AT ALL for these kinds of bill questions. Demand to speak to someone from their local AU ofc. It also helped when I contacted them via FB.