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Gas bill too high




I got my first gas bill from AGL couple days ago. They ask me to pay 950 $ for 3 months.


I was very surprised by this amount because we are a couple living in a 1 bedroom apartment working full time in hospitality so we are spending most of our time at work. 


We used gas just for the gas cooking stove and hot water. We are using the gas cooking stove at least twice a week and we are taking one shower each per day (3 minutes for each of us, we used a chronometer to check just in case). 


My bill has been calculated on an estimate reading, so we are apparently using 364,00 MJ per day so 10.57 $. How is it possible ?

It appears (they believe) we spent 23,573 MJ in hot water in 90 days so 262 MJ per day just for hot water. 


I tried to call AGL, I explained to them my problem, they don't care. According to them it's logical that we've got a bill of that amount. They asked me to pay for a technician to come to check my gas meter. I've got pictures of my gas meter which have been taken in November proving that we didn't use that much gas they don't want to know about them. Jemena came on November to read my meter but AGL don't want to provide us the number which has been read by Jemena, to compare with the actual number. 


What you don't understand AGL is that i'm not complaining about my gas meter, i'm sure my gas meter works properly. I'm complaining about your estimation !!!!


I read my hot water meter number last night the number was 56,397.35 and tonight is 56,398.67 so 1.32 cubic meter so 51 MJ so 7 times less that your daily estimation. Does it mean that I should pay 7 times less my gas bill ? so 135 $ ? For 2 people working each 50 hours per week it seems more logical. 


Would someone advise on how to make AGL to give us the correct bill. 


We are now wondering if we're not gonna change our provider for gas. 


Thank you guys.


AGL Moderator

Hi Jaytee, I appreciate your concern regarding this, so we can assist with this please get in touch via messenger via My Account or the AGL App, so we can help investigate this.


Hi @holydrain47 @jaytee @hbnip @leonard157 yes, me too, I got ripped off by AGL too.

Charged almost $1000 for the monthly bill, every 2 months, 😑 so much hassle to complaints every alternating month.


So I wonder did anyone of you ever get this resolved?
or if not does EWON or Fair Trading (NSW) / VCAT (VIC) can help.


Hasnt been sorted yet,jemena came out last week. My meter is faulty,ive tested it by watching to see if the meter goes up whilst noone us there over two days,the meter goes up nearly 100 mu a day, so nearly 9000 mu extra a cycle they are charging me for. For two years! Jemena tech came out and said its all good,then i showded him the photos of the two day test. He said its definatly not right then the meter will need to be changed🤦🏻‍ take photos of your meter,i paid for a gas plumber to come out and he told me the meters are dodgy and jemena and agl know this its common knowledge apparently. Ive been paying more than double for two years and now its going to the ombudsmen. Make sure u have the evidence. Agl wont assist they place the blame to everyone else and hope it goes away as theyve blamed me for two years,everytime a manager gets on the phone they blame my hot water usage when im there sparingly..even last call was last week the agl manager said meters can go up on there own lol my plumber said thats a lie as did the jemena technician,so theyll say whatever to get you off the phone. Go straight to the ombudsmen.


Hi @jaytee thank you for sharing the experience here. I assume using this page to lodge the complaint formally:


I also still in the process of rectifying the false billing every alternating month, will see how it goes this time before reporting it to EWON through the form above.


Yes, you are right their default response is always blaming about the hot water gas when you are living in the apartment.


Not sure why this issue happened regularly with AGL.


I totally agree with my first bill being too high as well. I changed to AGL because their rates seemed too be cheaper but that does not correspond to the bill that I received. AGL have one more bill to get it right or I go back to my original gas provider..... surely it is not too difficult AGL 



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No problem yes thats the form,alternatively you can call them although with covid they might prefer the form. Either way AGL know that jemena meters are faulty and pass the buck because the large majority of people accept their lies or dont even know they are being ripped off,two years theyve been blaming me. Even there wolly assistants on here like STEVE will message you with options that are to confuse and make it difficult in the hope you wont bother like using their app which they suggest but you cant get to them. Good luck but fight them all the way 👍


No steve the app is useless and you know that. I Tried as you asked thats enough. The ombudsmen has it now .