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Gas bill missing Cooktop meter read


Hi there 


I’ve noticed my gas bills no longer include a meter read for the gas cooktop and only includes a reading for the hot water. Are the Jemena readers no longer taking cooktop gas readings? I only noticed this now, but looking back through my bills it looks like they’ve forgotton to read the cooktop meter since 2015 even though the cooktop which is clearly gas, is located right next to hot water meter. I usually have one to two actual reads a year and the others estimated so I always assumed the reader knew what he was doing. 


If I contact my retailer about this will I backbilled for cooktop usage for 3 years? I read on the energy ombudsman website that the retailer can only backbill up to 9 months where the customer is not at fault and given they had full access to the meter and supposed to know what they are doing... Please advise. 





AGL Moderator

Hi Jane2,


Thank you for getting in touch!


Your bills may be appearing this way for a number of reasons and it is important that we get to the bottom of this for you. Could you please send me a private message including your gas account number so that I can take a closer look at things for you?


Kind regards,



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