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Gas bill high


Hi, I was charged 3 times on my gas bill and I called AGL to discuss about the issue. I was told to have a look at the meter and provide the reading. As the reading didn’t match, I was told there might be meter defect. Some people from Jemena gas came to inspect our meter during that period and we were told we have meter defect . But it has been 6months now but nothing  has be done till now. I was issued with another three months bill and as I called I was told not to worry and to ignore the bills as I will be issued with another one. But, today I got an email for overdue amount. So, I called again, but now I am told to pay all the amount. This thing is really frustrating. Please help me out. 


AGL Moderator

Hi Dissatisfied,


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I'm sorry to hear that your recent experiences with us have been so frustrating. Can I please confirm when you last spoke with a member of our customer service team, and what sort of expectations were set moving forward?


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I just had a word with one of the resolution teams yesterday. My expectations is to resolve the issue by provinding  me with the correct bill if any. If not then please let me know straight away. I am the only one following up here and because of this my dues are overdue and growing huge now. Another worry
would be what about the discount(which I get if I pay on time) ? Is it going to be valid or not? As I already got the overdue notice because of the waiting. I need the solution ASAP because I have already waited for 6 months now. Thanks.