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Gas Hotwater Overcharging in unit block


Dear All


Wish to bring attention to the overcharging in Unit blocks for Heated water by Gas. This is my small unit block if this is the problem I have am sure that thousands of others are having the same issue.


Have contacted AGL repeatedly to get a result and have found they either blame me (long showers), Jemena or other amazing reasons. Most unit owners would never bother to check their combined usage. You will see below the unit block is being charged over 300% more for heating hot water than the actual gas usage. 


Cost per MJ using AGL Bill 38.83HF x 1.0469CF x 0.028Price = $1.138231556 per MJ


Total Gas used from the 1st Feb to 28th Feb Read from the Gas meter that is supplying only the hot water cylinder.

6694-6350 = 344 MJ x $1.138231556 = $391.55 Actual Total for the entire building


Total Gas used from the 29th Feb 30th March Read from the Gas meter that is supplying only the hot water cylinder.

7070-6694 = 376MJ x $1.138231556 = $427.98 Actual Total for the entire building


The Conversion factor for water 10Mult x .410351CF x.028 = $0.11489828 per Liter


Hot Water Consumption      FEB                 March

Unit 1 0001802 – 0001353 = 449L                0002268 = 466L

Unit 2 0000773 – 0000567 = 208L                0000976 = 203L

Unit 3 0278209 – 0274243 = 3966L              0283252 = 5043L

Unit 4 0374008 – 0373137 = 871L                0375573 = 1565L

Unit 5 0000384 – 0000247 = 137L                0000568 = 184L

Unit 6 0127188 – 0123193 = 3995L              0129141 = 1953L

Unit 7 0000615 – 0000494 = 121L                0000775 = 160L

Unit 8 0217662 – 0216229 = 1363L              0219249 = 1587L

Unit 9 0002603 – 0001729 = 874L                0003405 = 802L

Unit 10 0000417 – 0000304 = 126L              0000553 = 96L

Unit 11 0000218 –0000134 = 84L                 0000292  = 74L

Unit 12 0010868 – 0010603 = 265L              0011175 = 307L

Total Water                        12459L                                  12440L

Invoiced from AGL          $1431.51                              $1429.33             


Have been in a dispute with AGL gas about hot water since the day I moved in for one reason or another. Have zero issues with AGL electricity. I Would like to talk to the same person every time and someone who actually understands the issue. Sadly have people who tell me it’s the quality of the gas or the pressure of the gas and today the outside temperature.. These explanation make no logical sense, you have a regulator on every gas meter, am sure you supply quality gas, and the temperature of the water supply and air temp has not varied that massively by 133 degrees which would be required to get close to the bill AGL has issued.



Steve Russell



Hi Steve

Thanks for a well researched issue. This problem is affecting our unit block of 15 also. Cannot figure out why the 'conversion' or 'pressure' factor has almost doubled in the bills within one year, no matter who the retailer. I need to re-check and compare the MJ consumed. I first thought that this was a sneaky way to increase the rate. You probably have checked the explanation given by the energy ombudsman nsw.




Hi Kuga


As per your email, the ombudsman states conversion factor is related to your Actual usage of the hot water cylinder. So you must read the actual gas consumed only by your hot water cylinder per month or per quarter. Every unit owner should then pay a percentage of the gas consumed by the hot water cylinder by the percentage of the total hot water used by the entire block. You need to record every water meter and the gas how water meter to make this calculation. My previous email show you how to obtain the multiplying factors from your own Gas bill.


If you have an inefficient system long pipes, heat the water to a higher temp this all effects the gas used. Still reading the gas used only on the hot water cylinder you still pay a percentage of that depending on how much water you used compared to everyone else.


I would expect some small error in the gas company favor due to the time it takes to read all the meters in your block.  To be fair give them 10%. As you can see in my unit block we are being charged 300% more than the gas we actually used.


Ruff estimate

One person $10-20 per month

Families can be much higher per person.

Leaky hot water Tap will massively increase your consumption. Small drip can use many liters of hot per day.


Its a giant scam because you cant check the charges by using just your own bill.They can just make up the Conversion Factor (Pressure Factor) unless you check.


If you have any questions please just ask and will try to help.




PS. Forgot to add. Your retailer does not supply you the gas. The supplier like Jemena supplies the retailer and they inform of the Conversion Factor. Changing retailer does not change your supplier.


Hi Steven,


Surprisingly, I have found your post here today.


I am in the same block as you, have exactly the same problem. My Gas bill has tripled since last Quarter.


Made so many phone calls to AGL, have spoken to different person each time and kept repeating the same story, only been told that there is no problem from their end.


The only reason is that previously the reading is all estimated, and now changed to actual.


Also I have address that not only my unit have the issue, other units from the same block have the exact same problems.


Have brought to their attention and hope they do any further investigation and find out the reason for this big jump.


Just received the new bill for this quarter, still have the same high bill received. Even I was away for 5 weeks. Do believe there is still problem.


While no any further action received from AGL to investigate on these matter. Only care about the $ from the customer, not good all…





Hi All


Have been asking AGL what it would cost for a Single house not a block for the cost for the gas. Got an answer that makes sense immediately, $400. AGL then refused to answer how the conversion factor for hot water was calculated when block only used $400 and why the tenants were individually charged $1400 total. 


Some answers were


We cant supply other customers information

Its due to the outside temperature (Do you come and check the temperature at my house)

Length of pipes

The conversion factor is correct. So that's all case closed


Am still fighting have contacted EWON again. EWON don't care or to busy they seem to have no power. You need to get the proof yourself photos of every meter in the block and keep a record. The meter feeding your hot water cylinder is the gas you use for water, thats it there are zero other factors. You should all pay a percentage of that plus 10-20% as AGL don't adjust CF factor every quarter and they are just lazy because its just simple math and could be done if they wanted too. 


One day AGL will take me to court and am sure a Judge is educated in basic math and common sense.





Only got into this as I was being ripped off since the day I moved in and just accepted it as it was not to bad. Then it got disgusting $200 water for one month one person!


Have said if you take a picture of the gas hot water cylinder meter and all the water meters around the block after 1 month you can use your own gas bill to see if the CF or PF whatever they call it is approx correct. Am happy to assist if you like email and use AGL gas bills as title. 


There may actually be a problem with your water system doubling of price indicates that could be a gas leak near the heater. Usually you would smell this of course. 


Am on a campaign now, whatever you need will try to help.




I am living on my own but the last bill charged me for more than 5 people. I have a gas stove, which I hardly use, gas hot water. I am having one shower a day. washing machine - I wash in cold water, and a gas wall furnace which I hardly ever use as I am often in the lounge using an electric oil heater.  I cannot possibly be using that amount of gas.  I have checked with other friends and a family of 4 adults has a bill $100 less than mine.


My brother was theTechnical Regulator for Gas and he has being investigating and he thinks there is a genuine case for review.  I can enclose his report in a letter and copies of the gas bills.


I am not happy about these bills at all.  




Hi Steve,

I was wondering if you have any updates on your battle?

Have you been able to have your incorrect conversion factor reviewed? We have the same problem and I feel it is such a rort...