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Gas Hot Water Meter seems running fast


Hi all, I am new to this Community.  


I am now living in an apartment of a high rise building which is using centralized hot water system.  I have a concern with the gas hot water meter which seems running very fast.  I don't know the normal 'running rate' of the meter but based on the meter reading in the past 6 months (I used 3 months billing period) it jumped up over 50 percent.  I didn't have any repair of the in-house hot water system but the meter reading just went up substantially high compared to 6 months ago.


Bill - Mar 2014 end reading: 764.05

Bill - Mar 2015 end reading: 1619.96

Bill - June 2015 end reading: 1844.11

Bill - Sept 2015 end reading: 1940.99

Bill - Mar 2016 end reading: 2516.07

Bill - June 2016 end reading: 7936.6 (should be a misread reading, which aroused my interest to look into this matter)

Current meter reading at 17/06/2016: 3121.7


We are only a married couple without any kids and hence the hot water usage is quite consistent and definitely not high.  Based on my observation yesterday, I used 10.3 units a day which implied that I will use 927 units in 3 months.  It will become another 50% higher than the previous bill (exponential growth!).


Does anyone have the same experience?  Can I request AGL to check my meter for free and how can I ask for the compensation if the meter reading was wrong?  The model of my meter is Itron with sensor Cyble Sensor V2 (KLF:10).


Is there method that I can check the accuracy of the meter by ourselves?


Thanks all!  




AGL Moderator

Hi @Ernest


Welcome to the Community!


We would certainly need to look at your account to be able to verify the reads. The last read certainly looks odd!


Please send me a private message at your earliest convenience with some account information, I'll then take a look and see if we need to raise a meter test for you.