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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.



As the subject title indicates, have again been receiving monthly accounts with the $ amount far in excess of those for similar periods, being 4 - 8 times above. 

Recently resolved to reduce gas consumption as much as practicable. Result, an account for Monthly usage approximately 4 times higher than that of a 4 person home. I am the only person at the address.

I contacted AGL & attempted to resolve the issue. 

Recent readings have been Estimates, with claims that this was due to access being denied because of Locked Gates.

Gates have never been locked, in fact I relocated a side fence which was in front of the Gas Meter too behind the meter.

Not happy with the representative I spoke with, kept on placing me on hold. Would not listen to me. Said I must have a major gas leak. I have many years experience in the gas industry & am well aware that there was no leak. 

Representatives I spoke with all insisted on my Birth date as part of the ID process. I had been advised last year that this had been phased out. No so.

Actual reading indicated that 113 M3 of gas consumed since last Actual meter reading, not the 582 M2 I have been charged for over the period.

Amended Accounts have since been emailed, however No Apology apart from platitudes that "we have reached out to the Meter read Service provider" Hollow response


I lodged a formal complaint with the Energy Ombudsman, and have been contacted by both the Ombudsman's office & AGL.


One of my main concerns was that the apparent unusually  high gas consumption did not trigger some sort of advice from AGL. This concern has not been addressed.


I am not seeking a response to this message, just wanting to make people aware of what is happening.

Has an almost identical issue less than 12 months back at which time I was assured that steps had been taken to remedy the issues. NEVER HAPPENED



Well, a lot of good my last post did. A host of assurances from AGL, rectification of the GROSS OVERCHARGES, and advised that the sub-contractor responsible for meter readings would be "Reached out to" and information given to assure that the NO ACCESS non issue would be passed on. 

Obviously this did not happen, or the meter reader chose to ignore the advice. Most recent billing, again an ESTIMATE, due to??? Locked Gates!!!! . Gates are never locked.

Meter read & reading submitted. Result bill reduced 

I am tired off having to do AGL's work for them. A part of the charge obviously is to cover the subbies costs. They are being paid for work that has not been done.

Although I am aware that the bill is incorrect, it is still upsetting to be continually getting these ludicrously high bills.