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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

First elec bill - feed in amount doesn't seem correct

I received our first electricity bill and found that the total feed in was .45kWh from our 3kWh solar system. Comparing last years bill with a different supplier our solar panels provided 547.36 kWh over the same period.

Something doesn't seem right, open to suggestions.


Hi John,


As always I will stand corrected, but, in normal circumstances your paid back in your FIT less what you actually use in consumption, in other words, say in my case, .67 for FIT is very low so where possible I use as much as I can in a day from my solar like electric car charging, washing machines, dryers and etc. so my day is largely free of cost, on cold days I even warm up the house with the aircon, so for me my FIT is very low but I don't much care, better to use it for household use than get paid such a small amount.


Does this ring any bells for you John?




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