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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Feed in tariff for solar panels


My parents had 20 solar panels installed a year ago. They use minimum power, they are not being compensated for the power being inputted into the grid and they are getting powerbills, higher than before they installed solar panels.

I have sent AGL all the details but AGL doesn't seem to want to look into this.

Can AGL management explain why and does a customer have to go to the ombudsman to get companies to act decently these days.


AGL Moderator

Hi @Nurgul


I understand you're frustrated and we apologise for this, it was not our intention to frustrate you. The problem here is not our unwillingness to assist you, it's that our agents have confirmed that you are not a contact on the account, hence, when there are issues on account, we need to either work with the account holder, or somebody who is a verified contact on the account.


There are means for your parents to arrange for you to be a contact on the account, they can contact us,  and have you added to the account. Please understand, this is 100% for their security. 


From there we can provide further information to yourself or your parents, or both, through the information we have on hand, and give you thorough step by steps on how we plan on resolving the issue.