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Feed in errors


I have noticed that the "My AGL IQ" app has been under-reporting how much solar my house is generating each day.

For example, according to the web page, Last Friday (12th Jan 2018), my electricity Feed in to the grid was 1.43KWh, however I checked the inverter at 5:37pm last friday (12th Jan) and it says that the system had generated 12.37kWh so far at that time of day.


Please explain why AGL seems to be unaware of the correct feed in metering. I am now having doubts if any of my electricity feed in is being correctly recorded and billed from my smart meter.


Regards, Steve


my agl iq screenshot.jpg20180112_173731.jpg


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AGL Moderator

Hey Steve,


Thank you for getting in touch!


The figure you see on your inverter is the total amount of electricity generated by your system on that given day, in this case 12.371 kWH. You'll note on the screenshot you've provided of of your online usage details that the green bar represents 'Electricity fed into grid', which on this date was a total of 1.43 kWh. This figure represents the amount of electricity that your system generated that was not used in the household, and was exported to the grid for a rebate as it was surplus to requirements.


Assuming your system is working correctly, you should always expect for these figures to be different, as it means that you're using the electricity you're generating within your own household, as opposed to importing more expensive power from the grid. In this case, we can assume that you used 10.94 kWh (12.37 less 1.43) of the total 12.37 kWh that you generated in your household.


Kind regards,



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Thanks Jayden,


This makes sense. My installer will be adding another 5KW to the rooftop this week so hopefully this will help reduce power drawn from the grid used by Air Conditioners 


I used this solution to solve my feed-in query. I have a 6,000 watt solar. The inverter tells me how much it generated but does not know about usage. It is clipped at 5,000 by Qld regulation. The inverter log shows clipping is actually at 4,800 watts. It also shows lifetime history by time-of-day, day, month and year.The electricty meter tells me lifetime Peak Usage which is a net figure and excludes solar feed-in (Code 01). It also tells me lifetime solar fed to the grid (code 40). To find out  how much my solar is saving in the last bill is pretty complex and I have to use the Electrity Bill because neither the Elect meter nor the solar inverter understands AGL billing/reading periods.


In short, I found the feed-in was approx correct. I worked out  that it will take 3.65 years for the solar, that cost $6,500, to pay for itself.


How many solar panels have you got?


I too am having errors in feed in. 


Prior or to my home having a 5kw system installed we were using 5-7kw a day as no one is home because of the daily grind.


Once all the formalities were sorted and our meter was re confused, I mean configured. Our usage stayed the same even on a great day of 33.8 KWh produced by the system the meter still only reports back 25.45 KWh even with the .9 pf that you use to meter the power feed in because of Australia standards.... 10% of the power I export is written off...


This doesn’t explain the shortfall of 4.97...  then Your company have the hide to charge 7 cents a day for metering... it’s automated. Every quarter I need to produce just shy of half a megawatt hour to pay for fees and charges.....