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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Failure of AGL to correctly report bills in my account plus overcharging relative to reported bill


In my account it states our electricity bill for 29 July - 28 August is $471.71. But the PDF of the bill says $571.46 to be debited August 18. Actual amount debited from our bank account on 18 August was $1172.30. We have contacted AGL 4 times in several cases for several hours on chat and on telephone (including a senior resolution manager called Lucy on 18 Sept ref 1454981960) and have been repeatedly assured that this billing will be corrected. But it never is. The amounts reported in my account bare no relation to the PDF bill and that in turn bares no relation to what is debited from our bank account. Seems to us that AGL is engaged in systematic fraud of customers through overbilling. Have any of you out there had similar experiences?



Hey yes this happened to me too.  A week after paying my account, I noticed AGL had deducted two amounts from my bank account, one amount was what I'd previously paid on my account,  and the other amount was an additional $269.00 and they couldn't explain what this was for.   Of course they were oh so sorry for the inconvenience, however it took a week and a half, and numerous phone calls, plus a complaint to the ombudsmen, to have my money refunded (just over $500).  The customer service is appalling, and no one seems to know what is going on, and they couldn't explain why the funds were deducted.  I've now cancelled my direct debit with them as I don't trust them with access to my bank account.   I can't make any sense of my accounts, as the app shows different amounts owing to what the paper bill shows.  I'm still waiting on someone to get back to me to resolve this issue, then I'm swapping suppliers.   Hopeless.

Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @dswinbanks and @Disey01


Thank you both for reaching out to us in relation to these issues that you have had with your payment methods. I am very sorry to hear of this inconvenience caused and will be sure to provide this feedback to our team. 


We are committed to providing quality service and your comments clearly indicate that we still have a far way to go. I hope that these matters have been sorted for each of you, but otherwise our complaints department would be best fit to assist in achieving a resolution. You can email them directly at 


Thank you for your ongoing patience and help with these matters.


Sincerely, Dave

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