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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Extremley ridiculous high monthly bill



We get monthly bills and since  june this year weve been recieving $500 to $800 monthly estimated bills  this  is an absoloute  joke. I do not feel i shoulf have to pay  estimated bills  for my last bill as when we joined agl we were promised a month free that hasnt happened and also since july ive  paid  over $2300 in ESTIMATED Bills. There is only 2 of us in a 3 bdroom house with no aircon no dryer no heaters. We try to consume less electricity but the bills went up which i dony see possible we have just had a newborn and we cannot keep payin $500 to $700 a month i get panic attacks opening the email when we recieve ive never had such high  bills. It truly is making me want ti change companies when our contract is up as i spend more on electricty bill than anything else $2300  in 4 month on electric is a joke. Thats highway robbery. Obviously  we pay  it as were afraid we're  going to be cut off. 


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I'm sorry to hear that our bills have been a source of such tremendous stress for you and your family as of late. They definitely sound high for a residential property, and we'd like to see what we can do to alleviate this stress. So we can look into this for you in more detail, we'll ask you to speak to our service team via chat here, have your AGL account number and email address handy, and we'll be sure to help wherever we can.


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