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Extremely high gas bill, short billing period


I've received a gas bill, it's my first for this property after having issues trying to have the gas connected. I tried numerous times to have the gas connected after I moved in, and I was told that they couldn't get access to the gas meter to have me connected. Then out of the blue, I receive a bill. I have been billed a total amount of $780.66, for a period of 18 days. We only have gas for hot water and cooking, and during this time we didn't have hot water for at least 5 days as our unit was faulty and had to be replaced and it took a while for it to be delivered and installed. I find this ridiculous. I have called AGL to speak to someone about the bill, but no one is interested in trying to sort this issue out for me. I am a pensioner and can't afford this kind of cost. The people on the phone were unable to tell me what date the meter was read, and if there could be a mix up or a problem ie gas leak. Clearly there's something wrong and I'd like this to be addressed asap.


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This bill definitely sounds far too high, especially considering the issues you had having your gas connected in the first place. Please send me a private message with your account details so that we can take a look at things and get back to you ASAP.


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Thanks for your reply. I will do that now.