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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Extremely High Gas Bill


Good afternoon,

I received my latest gas bill via email today and the amount has almost doubled from the previous bill cycle. I understand it’s winter and that more gas is used but there’s no way our consumption was over double. I spoke to somebody over the online chat and over the phone to no avail. Apparently our consumption went from 13390mJ to 31174mJ from the previous cycle, I was told the only option is to go on a payment plan or have the meter inspected which will cost me if it is found not to be faulty. This is ridiculous. Could we have been overcharged with peak times or could there be anything else causing this?







Yes! I just got mine too! I’ve had to upload a photo because this is just crazy!!!


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Hi ThomasP,


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There could be a few causes for a high gas bill, thought it is not uncommon to see these during winter periods. The best place is to check your current meter reading against the end reading on your bill. If you current meter reading is higher than your billed end reading, then this indicates that the meter reading taken was accurate. While you're near the meter, it can also be helpful to note if you smell gas which would indicate a leak. You can find additional information here: My bill seems higher than usual, what should I do?





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This looks very similar to my previous 4 months!! We were shocked with ours too - ridiculous. 


has this been solved? I just recently got mine and because of it i started to monitor my gas meter physically and via agl app! I have $212 in 2 days!! How possible this can be! 


Similar story. Extremely high gas bill. I was told it was due to winter and gas heating. So I have been monitoring my gas consumption since I ceased using the gas heater and it is up more than 50% from the same period last year. I have not installed any new gas appliances and only have a gas stove and a gas water heater, which I don't use more frequently than I did last year. Cannot explain the average daily MJ going up from 19.4 (2018) to 33.4 (2019) calculated over the same period. I was told that I can call a plumber to check for gas leaks but apparently the gas meter appears right from AGL side (I was told it gets checked when the meter reading is done).   


Yes, the same thing happened to me as well here for 2 bedroom apartment with just two adults and one newborn baby 1-month bill =  $972.02 



So how do you escalate this issue to get the correct gas bill?

Sending the meter reads photos every week to does not resolve the issue and they seem to just ignore the request.

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Hi AGL-Customer! 


The options to overcome high estimated billing is dependent on what is causing them. 


I would recommend messaging our dedicated team on the AGL app to discuss some permanent options for this. 


Thank you