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Extreme Gas Usage, do I have a gas leak?


I am utterly shocked by my monthly gas bills each time it arrives. I have a young family of girls (aged 9, 7, 6months), we currently only use gas for our cooking and our water heating. It's not like the girls have 30min showers and we cook all day but our bill is alot higher than the average equivalent household!

Having young girls they tend to be on their electronic devices almost all day, yet our electricity bill is alot less than our gas bill!

This month my bill is $150 for gas, my electricity bill was $295 for a quater!

It says that I've used 5,493MJ does that sound right for a family of 5, cause I find that very high and the only conclusion that I can come to is that I've got a small gas leak somewhere!

Is it normal for the last digit on the meter to move a unit in a minute if the hot water pilot light is the only thing that is on?





Hi @r0chEe,


Thanks for posting. We'd be happy to get in touch to discuss your gas bills - we're also able to organise a tradesperson to come out and make sure your gas supply is working efficiently and there are no leaks. Leave your details with us here and we'll be in touch. 


In the meantime, take a read of this article about understanding your gas bills. 


Let us know if you have further questions. 




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You can perform your own "drop test". Ensure ALL your gas appliances are all of. Pilots included. Take a photo of the dials on your gas meter. Leave for 15 minutes. When you return compare the dials in the photo to what you see on your meter. If the last dials have moved then yes, you would have a small leak somewhere. Obviously if there is not change, then its down to usage.


My meter  says I consumed   0.010 m3   gas in 1 Hour.    All consuming appliances were OFF except for the Pilot Light.  Does this indicate a Gas leak ? 



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Hi @FrankC,


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A gas leak can be a pretty serious issue, if you can smell gas within or outside of your property, you'll need to contact your networks faults and emergency team. You can locate those details here


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