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Hi There, so after going full circle with AGL phone staff multiple times now, I found out my controlled load (hot water) couldn't be switched on 24/7 by united energy and i required an electrician to change it to general usage. (After being told a service order to united energy had been created and completed yet my hot water still wasnt on 24/7) 

After a recent bill i found out I've still got controlled load readings coming through, after looking at my meter readings datasheet i found my controlled load reading was a copy of my general usage. 

A request has been put forward to united energy by AGL, my question here is; is it normal to have exact same readings throughout meter reads for general usage and controlled load? 



AGL Moderator

Hi Michael,


Welcome to community, I can understand your concern with the readings.

I would recommend comparing those readings to your current reads at the meter.


It can happen that the readings are the same, however I would always say to double check at the meter.






 As you can see, for atleast half of the entries, controlled load and general load are reading the exact same figure, how do i double check this on the meter?



AGL Moderator

Hello Michael, 


Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this. 


I am unable to see the image clearly, however it looks like 2 of the rows have #### in them. 


Have you tried extending the cells in the excel sheet? 


If you are still experiencing issues, I would recommend connecting with our dedicated team via AGL Messaging and they will be able to assist you. 


Thank you 



You can click on the image to see it clearer, the boxes that contain hashes are the dates; not my concern. I guess AGL forums are as good as the messaging and phone call support;  have to say you've been on the phone multiple times to resolution center to transferred to the one person who knows what's going on. 

Hopefully it's sorted soon. 

Cheers for


AGL Moderator

Hi MicaelC94! 


I can appreciate this is frustrating for you. 


Please send me a private message so I can help you with this.