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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Estimated meter reading


I am billed monthly with AGL & joined with them 3 nearly four months ago & EVERY single bill I have received has been an estimate, estimating my family to be over a 5 person family when in fact there is 2 adults & 1 2 year old.... when do you actually complete an actual read?! My meter is always fully accessible (not behind a fence or anything).


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Your electricity meter is read once every three months by a meter reader provided that there is clear access to your meter, which it sounds like there is! Monthly billing does not change the frequency of your meter readings, and when you're billed for months when your meter is not read, your bill will be estimated.


You do have the option of downloading the AGL App, or logging in to your online account here and entering your own meter reading to ensure that you've been billed accurately to date.


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