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Energy Consumer Paper Invoices



We have moved to our home In February and since March we have been with another electricity and gas company. After having a long fight with AGL where I had to involve the ombudsman we are constantly getting letters every 3 days addressed to the Energy Consumer for an MIRN number that is not ours. How can I get this nuisance stopped.


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If you have involved the Energy and Water Ombudsman in this matter, then it is important that you get in touch with our Escalations team on 1300 886 514 who'll be happy to assist you further.


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I agree, these bills addressed to The Energy Consumer is a total scam, AGL sends out thousands of these invoices every month and no doubt some naive property owners promptly pay the bills. What does it mean to have billing rights? I have been receiving these bills since March even though the house on my property has been knocked down and the meter has been removed. 


Anyone who has accidentally paid these bills should claim a refund, and to the shareholders, I would question if those unpaid debts are sitting on the debtors ledger?