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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Electricity Bill Blocking


After multiple email attempts and 3 extensive phone calls ending twice in 'resolutions centre' I still cannot get a definitive answer as to

1. Why is my electricity bill blocked and not visible to check usage despite December 2020 setting up email bills 

2. How do I know the explanation of 'internal accounts audit 'is genuine and honest" 

3. How do I know that my extensive credit is still in credit if I cant check my bill - we are encouraged as consumers to check usage and report anomalies?

4. When will AGL remove the bill block - it has been over 3 months now?

5. Why did AGL not have the common courtesy to at least communicate such an action was being taken and involve me in the process -- what are you attempting to hide?



AGL Moderator

Hi MB8, sorry you are having issues with your account, as this is account specific we will need to review the account to see what is going on. Please get in touch with the Resolutions team via messenger in My Account or via the AGL App and they will be able to assist you with this. 


I too have the same issue except have only been locked for 3 weeks. AGL told me I was bill blocked by Ausgrid. I don't know how that works!


We are also bill blocked right now and have no idea what we owe, what credit we have and what is going on. We received a paper bill and have no idea if we need to pay it or not as we can’t see anything when we login to our account. This feels super dodgy and we can’t get a straight answer.


Do we pay or not? You’d think that would be super simple. Def time to consider other providers I think.


Further to my previous response. Originally I was told I was bill blocked by AUSGRID. However after making further contact with AGL and speaking to a different staff member I was informed I was bill blocked because it was assumed I was in a flood affected area. I told AGL I was not and was then told that the bill blocking would be removed in 2 to 3 hours. This was done and I haven't had an issue since.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @Miles , a "bill block" means you aren't issued any bills and don't need to pay. It sometimes happens when we don't want to issue customers a bill because there's a specific issue affecting a certain region. For example, postcodes that have been impacted by bushfires or floods might be placed under a bill block, because the last thing we want to do is send people a bill when they're worrying about issues like that. It can also mean there's technical or administrative issues we want to resolve before billing,  because it's better to resolve these issues first rather than risk issuing an incorrect bill that needs to be fixed up later. So a bill block is meant to be helpful - not "dodgy" -  but a frustrating side effect is that it prevents access to your usage data.

However, if you have received a paper bill, that would mean that you aren't under a bill block, or weren't when the bill was actually sent out. It's definitely something to clarify. You said you can't get a straight answer - do you mean that you've contacted AGL about this already?

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I am also bill blocked and I feel I am paying to much I have moved house and pay bill smoothing and they set up the new at a much higher amount than what I had been paying before and I need to see my bill so I know how much I should be paying as I was in credit on my old account.  The amount they are charging me is early double what I signed up for