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Electric Car Plan


How do I do checks and balances on the amount of Kws taken off my bill,for car charging per day/week/month/quarter? when no numbers are given to me on my bill.All I get from them when I phone them is "we work it out here and subtract the Kws manualy" Please more info.

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AGL Employee

Hi, thanks for posting your question on AGL communities.


As the $1 a day Electric Car Plan was a trial product, there was no capability built to enable the display of the vehicle charging component on the bill. Unfortunately, this was a limitation of the trial, however we recognise this decision caused considerable frustration to customers and has informed our thinking regarding future product development. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Please note, soon we will be creating a AGL communities group dedicated to all things electric vehicles where you can ask and respond to questions from other EV owners/enthusiasts.