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Do Seniors Dscounts Apply in Queensland?


I just spoke with an Indian accented gentleman on the AGL Enquiries line, and he was *very* adamant that seniors discounts for AGL electricity accounts were only available to NSW and Victorian customers.


Yet AGL have a web page that says Queensland seniors *do* get a discount.

The AGL Enquiries gentleman did not acknowledge the existance of the information.


Could someone clarify for me who I should believe?


The AGL web page is at:

Choose location at the top: QLD


According to the Queensland Government website, I should be able to apply for the discount over the phone.  But that's hard if the person answering doesn't think the discount exists.

See: to app...






Since joining AGL I have been getting a Pensioner Government Discount but in my previous bill it was greatly reduced and in my latest bill I have not received any discount. 


I have phoned the Qld Government and they said I should be still receiving it.


Why am I no longer getting the discount from AGL.



AGL Moderator

Hi Ian3,


That's a very fair question!


Unfortunately this not something that we're able to assist with via the AGL Community. I encourage you to log into your My Account here and then click 'Message Us' in the bottom right-hand corner so that our customer service team can look into this for you.


Kind regards,



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As advised on the Qld Govt Seniors website I have rung AGL and just quoted my new Qld Seniors Card number to a Contact Officer named John.


I understood from the Qld Govt website that by quoting my number over the phone I would now be entitled to a standard discount that applied to Qld Seniors.  Instead he said I should go on-line to check out plans for Seniors. He did say that my Seniors number was now recorded on my account.


I couldn't find any Seniors Plans on-line at  I have only signed up to a plan with AGL a few months ago anyway.


I am now confused as to what I need to do from here.


Can you confirm that:

1. now that my Seniors number has been attached to my account I will receive a discount on my current plan?

2. there are further plans available in addition to or instead of the standard Seniors discount and where can I find them.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @philweg , take a look at our seniors offer here: Existing customers can certainly take up this offer. 

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Thanks David.  I'll check it out.