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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Discount not applied correctly



i just need to get clarification if this correct...

we are currently getting the 26% discount when we pay on time.  I send regular payments to my agl account to accumalte money for when our bill is due. 


We we received our last bill for quarter, the discount has only been applied to amount left to pay, not the usage charges. Why? I am confused as I have been punished for making regular payments before our bill is due and missed out on almost $100 savings. Can you please help rectify this. 


AGL Moderator

Hi Zoe06,


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Irrespective of the payments you make during the billing period, your discount should be applied to the entirety of your usage and not just residual amount owing. To clarify how this figure has been calculated on your bill, we encourage you to get n touch with our web chat team here.


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