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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Disconnecting my electricity service with AGL but I guess I have no idea what is going on??????


I am trying to understand the process of disconnecting my services with AGL as I am moving out in a few days. I have contacted AGL before last time and yesterday with the chat conversation. I have three questions.


1. I have no idea what is the process, is there a fee for disconnecting?

2. I had the same question on the chat conversation ...are you gonna demolish your building? 

3. I received a message: Upon checking your account, I can see disconnection has been raised for the premise and it will be completed on the next scheduled read date. Then he closed my chat later, like excuse me, sir, I am not done talking to you but you closed the conversation.


These are my own answers

1. No idea

2. I keep saying I am just renting this accommodation and flying home to my country, look if I owned it, I can demolish for you guys since you keep asking me the same thing.

3. Well if I look online, the next scheduled date is somewhere in a month and I am moving in a few days. Well, maybe I am dumb for not understanding the sentence the person stated.


Until now I don't understand a thing. I think I am gonna try calling on the phone by tomorrow, hopefully, things will go well but it is just so frustrating during the chat conversation. I can literally fly home and not care about this issue. However, I am a responsible person. I just want to settle my disconnection and pay AGL what I owe! That's it! That simple!