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Direct Debit Discount


I’ve been an AGL customer for over 10 years. Been in my current residence with electricity provided by AGL for 4.5 years. I pay by direct debit. I was recently told by a friend that AGL have upped their direct debit discount. I checked my current bill and I see it there as a credit. I’ve just gone over all my previous bills and there’s never been a discount on any of them for direct debit. Why would I never have received this discount prior to now? 


AGL Moderator

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The way in which your discounts appear on your bills may vary depending on which discount plan you've accepted. For example, if you were previously on a 'Savers' plan, your discounts will likely appear as a 'Pay on Time' discount. If you've recently changed to a 'Set & Forget' plan, you'll see your discount change from a 'Pay on Time' discount to a 'Direct Debit' discount instead.


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