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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Digital electricity meter - estimated reading??


Why has my digital electricity meter reading been estimated for my new bill?  It's supposed to be automatically read, therefore an actual reading should be there. Can you please advise me on this. Thanks


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Hey Bronco92,


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Even if you have a smart meter, unfortunately it is still possible to receive an estimated bill! Smart meters record usage in 15 minutes intervals, and if even just one of these intervals is not available for an entire 90-day billing period, your bill will read as 'estimated'. This can be caused by a number of different possibiliities, which our web chat team will be happy to have a look at for you here.


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So Jayden,

AGL cannot bill correctly because of one missing 15 min interval on a smart meter?

Readings only increase in value as the data is transmitted. 15 min or 30 days, the end result is the same.

AGL's billing system for smart meters should be efficient for customers. Instead it lacks transparency and inconsistencies with extra charges as adjustments being tacked on after the billing cycle.

The online billing system is a confusing mess of mismatching figures against bills that bear no correlation to energy usage.

What is the AGL doing to sort this out ?


I would like to self read my electricity meter, however, get a message on the agl web page that "Smart meter read taken automatically ". Is there some way I can submit my own readings as estimated daily usage values to date have been 2 to 4 times greater than I have experiened from my previous provider during the past few years.




Good luck with that!

The customer portal does not allow it.

By estimation AGL can charge whatever on the monthly billing cycle, generate a cash flow and leave the consumer with a smart meter scratching their heads.



Report them to ewon. Ive asked 5 different agl employees, including managers to provide the smart meter readings on my electricity bills just like all others do yet they refuse so have reported to ewon, waiting for them to supply them now.


Hi. Shell_l_d,


Further to my previous post I hope the following may help.


On advice from AGL I sent a photo of my electricity meter via email to to determine if it was possible for me to read usage. Customer reads replied saying it was a Manually Read Interval Meter. I understand that this type of meter can only be read by a meter reader every 3 months. Since joining AGL I had been on monthly billing with estimated readings. My options were to find another energy provider that would allow a 3 monthly billing cycle or to request an upgrade of my meter to a smart meter. Eventually, I got to speak to a 'Resolution Manager' who listened to a summary of my situation and request for the smart meter. She arranged for the free smart meter to be installed. This happened very efficiently within 2 weeks and resulted in actual readings and much reduced bills that were initially discounted due to the overpayment resulted from the inflated estimates. All the best.