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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Delay switching from Powerdirect to AGL


In late Feb 2018 I contacted AGL to move my electricity from Powerdirect to AGL. 28% discount was incentive enough for me. Unfortunately, I was not given a date for a meter read. As Powerdirect is owned by AGL, I figured they would shuffle me (after the mandatory 10 business day cooling off period) over to AGL. After a holiday in May, I contacted AGL because I had received final bills from Powerdirect (and paid) but the AGL app was still not showing my electricity account. AGL advised they cannot move me on an estimated bill. So we booked in a new read. Date was nominated by AGL to satisfy the 10 business day cooling off period (11 July). I wait till after the 11th. The read is done. I contact AGL “I’m sorry, that read was not done with a FULL 10 business day gap. It is not valid.. you will have to wait until 14 August”.
I inform AGL that that is not good enough. The lady in their “resolutions” team proceeds to COUNT OUT THE DAYS IN MY EAR. I give up in frustration.
I call AGL again and a lovely lady offers to backdate the read to the 11th July and get me a discount on the inevitable Powerdirect bill when it arrives. I have to wait 10 business days for the change to take effect, she cannot change that.
I call AGL yesterday, it has been more than 10 business days. I now get told it can be 10-15 business days and “you should never have been told you will get a Powerdirect discount as they are a different team, we cannot influence their accounts”. He offers to transfer me to Powerdirect but what is the point, they gave me a final bill and we’re happy to let me move.
NO OWNERSHIP. No real assistance offered anywhere. No one has offered to escalate the query. If I hear the phrase “10 business days” again I am going to scream.
Advice everyone, avoid AGL, go to Origin or Alinta.. anyone else. I am now in my 6th month and counting. Too much red tape with AGL. Their resolutions team have no power to resolve problems.
Even Telstra are more helpful. At least they try to fix problems. They don’t get it right but they escalate when things go wrong.
Not one call from AGL to advise of problems as this has progressed. Pitiful customer service.