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Daily consumption of gas Megajoule usage



i am a new account holder as my mother recently passed away.  I dont get any concessions and recently i received my first gas bill which was surprising in that the usage of megajoule was close to double usage per day. for example it would be 34.8 MJ -  now increased to 94.8 MJ.

i did contact AGL assistance but they could not explain this to me.  No one is home during the day so I dont understand how it has increased that much for daily use.  Very rarely using heating, hot water and stove.

Please explain the average usage and the billing is so confusing on the back of notice.

Thank you



AGL Moderator

Hi @Jo18


If you haven't already had this sorted out by our team, please feel free to message some account details so we can take a look. 


I have exactly the same problem. Looking at my bill, my gas usage is much higher than that of a 5 person household, yet like you, there's just me using a small amount of hot water, and very little for heating or cooking. I rang to ask if perhaps the gas meter was faulty but was told that they're tested when readings are taken. Eventually I was told to consult a gas plumber to see if my appliances were at fault. If they are not they will send someone out but there's the possibility of cost. Not happy with these answers. I don't know why they can't check the meter properly. I seriously doubt that the meter is checked when readings are taken.

AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator

Hi Chanel, 


Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns. 


It certainly sounds like you've done all you can to find out the reasons why your gas bill has increased. Common things to check on your bill is whether the readings were estimated or actual and whether your bills are monthly or quarterly bills. 


Please send us your account details as a private message, if you'd like us to look into this further for you.





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I am having exactly the same issues as the two people above. My gas usage has jumped up by 50% from the same period last year (31 Oct 18 to 31 Jan 19). During this period I only use the gas water heater and the gas stove and the frequency I use these has not increased, so I cannot explain the 50% increase in the average daily MJ. For the period 31 Oct 18 to 31 Jan 19 my average daily MJ was 19.41. I have calculated the average daily MJ for the 7 days from 30 Oct 19 to 6 Nov 19 to be 33.69. When I rang AGL they couldn't explain it and said if I suspected a gas leak I would need to call a plumber. I just cannot understand such a large jump in gas usage, with no real change in the way I use my gas from the same period last year? The gas bills for the last two quarters have also been extremely high (more than same period last year) however I rationalised that it could have been due to me using the gas heater more over the colder months. I have had a new gas meter installed not that long ago (within the last 12 months), so I am questioning whether it is taking accurate readings?

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Hi MJ19! 

We do generally find customers using more gas during the winter period and this can certainly be the caused by using the gas heater more in this time. 


You can also check how much gas you've used and what your projected cost is by entering your meter reading on your My Account, you can log in here.

You can also visit our tips page here to see what else you can do to reduce your future usage. 


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I am not actually using the gas heater at all and my gas usage is up 50% compared to the same period last year when I was also not using the gas heater. I am using my appliances in the same way.