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Configuration of smart meter for solar power


What do AGL charge for configuring a smart meter for solar power?


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Hey ingrla,


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The amount charged for this work is actually set by your electricity distributor, and can vary based on a few factors such as locality, and the specifics of your current meter. To ensure that these variables are taken into account, you'd be best served getting in touch with our New Connections team on 1800 680 430.


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I recently installed solar panels at my residence in Victoria, where I already have a smart meter. I contacted AGL New Connections team for meter reconfiguration for feed-in-tariff arrangement. I have been told that no one come to my place and smart meter would be remotely reconfigured by the Distributor _ Jemena. I need to pay $56.67 for this request.  This is fair enough but when I found the timelines for completion of this work, I have been told it requires 40 business days after generating the Service Order by AGL. I am just wondering why 40 business days are required in this time of age just to reconfigure the meter remotely. Any experience or suggestions how to expedite this reconfiguration of smart meter so I can start getting advantage from my solar investment.  





AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator

Hi Sayed, 


We appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback and bringing this to our attention.

We're aware that distributors may have delays in completing their work orders. This has subsequently caused a considerable discrepancy between the time frames quoted by AGL versus the true time frame in which these jobs will be completed by the distributors. 
We'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for this poor experience, and let you know that you can contact our Solar New Connections team on 1800 680 430 if you require further assistance down the track.


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If I’ve helped in anyway, please mark my post as SOLVED!

This helps our Community know the answer to common questions.


Hi Jayden


I have been making some enquiries and I believe that the information you have given MAY be factually wrong. Having spoken to Endeavour Energy (my local electricity distributor) I have had email confirmation that the retailer is responsible for all aspects of meter supply and subsequent management. Further I have been informed by AGL personell that a company is subcontracted by AGL to perform tasks such as meter reconguration - Plus.Es - tel : 1300377118

So AGL retains responsibility for this process despite subcontracting the service out. More transparency re: charging and responsibility is required here. Kicking the can over to distributors is not an appropriate response to customers querying the appropriateness of this charge,

Nothing personal.... just trying to help with clarification.



There is no charge for AGL to configure a smart meter for solar input.

To the best of my knowledge in all States EXCEPT SA, it is the responsibility of the installer to get the install finalized and ensure that you get payments for electricity put back into the grid.

I am from SA and once the paperwork was completed (by me) I got payment from the day the meter was configured.


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My understanding is in all states (other than SA) it is the responsibility of the installer to get the meter connected.


There should be NO CHARGE  to you for this service.


In SA I had to apply to SA Power Networks for Permission to get the panels installed (and pass that information to the installer).  Once the panels were installed I got a Certificate of Compliance from the Installer the went back to my Supplier (SA Power Networks), they then authorized my system and informed my retailer who commenced billing





Not correct. I am in NSW and was charged $20 for it to be reconfigured.

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Hello ShaeShae, 


There can be a few different fees for reconfiguration fees, which depends on the area and distributor. 


If you would like us to review your account you can contact us here and we can have a look for you. 





If you have a SMART METER and you have added solar. There should be no fee, Your solar inverter reads the input power from your Supply Company, adds about +1 volt and feeds the power back.


Your household will use your power before it takes from the GRID. Any EXCESS is put back from the grid and read by your meter.


There is no separate connect for your solar inverter it is connected to your normal household supply.


The people that reply here from AGL are not electricians and do not know what they are talking about.


People like me (not AGL employees) reply with (hopefully) experience and knowledge from our trade and lifelong experience.


Like everything though, on the internet, you should take the time to look and view the information from a wide variety of sources before making a decision.


Just because you make a phone call to the AGL help line you also need to understand that it is foreigners that you are talking to, and are, mostly , reading from scripts and do not have a complete grasp of the English Language.


Again I will iterate that MODERATORS are not specialists but rely "Mainly" on feed back from the "Community".


If you read most posts MODERATORS, will refer you to the call numbers and not make a suggestion.


But I would take, the replies about technical queries from the call centres, with a pinch of salt as they are not technicians but simply an ASIAN answering service.


A standard smart meter has three configured sub meters. Normally known (on your smart meter download) as B1 (your Solar Input), E1 (your PEAK or General Usage) and lastly your E2 (Controlled or Off Peak) usage.


The meter has ONE INPUT (from the Grid) and two outputs (Peak and Off Peak), the input from your Solar feeds to the Peak Supply cable and internal switching (controlled by your Electricity Supplier) turns on your Controlled or OFF PEAK supply.


If you have a multi supply meter (three phase input and or output) meter this is different, but is not normal in most houses.


AGL has no control on your OFF PEAK or CONTROLLED load times as they are programmed by your Supply Company and you need to talk to them in regard to programming them.


IN MOST HOMES Off Peak or Controlled Loads are switched on from around 23:00 (11:00pm) till at the most 05:00 (5:00 am) and the tariff, (is normally), up to 50% cheaper than your normal tariff.


Oops, you don't understand the difference from AGL and a supply company.


AGL sends you a bill and you pay them, On the bill is a daily supply charge that is your supplier ( in SA there is only one if you are on Grid) in VIC there is seven (only really six as one company owns a Melbourne Supply Co and a Regional Co.


Now you need to find out you supply Company (its on your bill) and sign up with them for alerts (they will send you outages in your street or area)  rather than phoning AGL as they are not a supply company but a retailer.


After an hour wait on the phone you will be told to ring your supplier as AGL (and most retailers don't supply but simply on-sell electricity from Generators).


But don't AGL generate Electricity you ask? Yes they do, but  not as AGL the retailer, but as AGL, the Generator who not only supply AGL (retail) but  many other retailers (double dipping).


Origin also generates electricity as well...


Any way, once you have a  SMART METER installed it should only do three things.

  1.  Read your consumption from the Grid and record that
  2.  Read your generation (minus usage) and record that
  3. Switch on your Offload or Off Peak at designated times and record that.

Smart  Meters can record at only two intervals 15 mins (¼ hour) or  30 mins (½ hour) this information is then transferred via a wireless link at the appointed interval time to a remote site where it is recorded and sent on for further processing.


Well after all that I hope that you took the time to read and digest this.


Because if you rang the number and you paid a fee, AGL have just made a little more profit from you for nothing.


Take the time to go to your Suppliers WEB Site they will have documentation there on how to read your meter ( most suppliers only have one or two meters that they have approved to go onto their Network).


And as above, meters are supplied for three sub-meters (B1, E1, E2) on install..


Hope this helps, one would think that this information would be readily and easily available from the AGL Customer Website and not expect to to create a USER ACCOUNT and BEG SOMEONE for assistance only to be told to ring a help desk.