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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Closing Account


I have changed suppliers and am in credit of $380.61 how do I get this money transfered in to my bank account? my account number is 



Hey Jimbo,


Firstly, as a matter of the privacy act I would suggest bleeping out your account number, AGL will no doubt also advise it's never a good idea to leave any identifiers.


Secondly, normally when you close an account AGL will already know about your circumstances as to stopping your account as this all goes on in the background, AGL work with the other supplier as a normal course.


Of course if this has all transpired then AGL should be organising and debits or credits to finalise your account, but like you’re doing it never hurts to keep your eyes on things.


AGL general don’t update or reply after hours so when they do read it they will give you good advice as to how they will proceed and the status of your account. History has taught me that they will organise a final statement and credit your account in the same manner as you paid it in.


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AGL Moderator

Hey @jimbo


If you have not received this credit back to your nominated payment method, come have a chat with us here and we'll organize that for you.