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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Changing providers without concent.


Recently my Origin Electricity account was changed to AGL without my consent. How was that done, and how can I stop it from happening again?


I have since changed the account back to Origin.

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AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator

Hi Barranuk-Farm,


Thank you for contact us and welcome to the AGL Community!


I'm sorry to hear that your account had transferred over to us in error and apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


There are a few main reasons why an account can transfer over to another retailer in error. The metering details for your property may have been provided by another customer in error. It's also possible that you or someone in the family may have asked for a quote some time back and a transfer was raised instead.   


In any instance where we have taken over in error, we are able to organise for the account to transfer back to the original retailer. 


Kind regards, 





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