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Changing from another provider


How long does it normally take to change over from another provider to AGL?

I signed up to AGL on June 7th from Origin. I received a plan confirmation email with my account number on Wednesday June 8th and the email stated that my connection with AGL has begun and I could change my preferences from my account.

I am unable to register for an account as apparently one has already been created for me, but I can't login.

I spoke to someone through chat on Thursday and she said that I couldn't log in because I had not yet been connected to AGL.

I had assumed that it would take no more than 3 days to change over, but was never given any indication how long it would take. If I'm not yet connected to AGL, then the email I received was misleading.

I hope someone could explain the process of changing over from another provider and length of time it normally takes.



AGL Moderator

Hi @Deb63


Transfers from one energy company to another may vary, however, there is at the very least a 10 business day period allowed in case the customer decides they wish to cancel the transfer. After this, we raise a meter read request with your distributor so we can complete the transfer.


I'm very sorry this was not explained to you during your initial contact with us and we will provide that feedback to the relevant department. 



I thought the account transfered on the next scheduled read and if this is true it means you don't raise a read AGL it just means you take over at the next read date, your answer gives the impression AGL control when the next scheduled read is and I'm pretty sure thats in the control of the distributor, can you clarify further please?

AGL Moderator

Hi @Steve


You are correct, it does complete transfer on the next scheduled read which is in control of the distributor. There are some circumstances where we can raise a meter read request with the distributor as mentioned above. 


Hi AGL, do we need to advise our other providers or is that something AGL takes care of?

AGL Moderator

Hey LisaHesh,


Great question! No, you do not need to advise your current retailer that you're making the move over to AGL. This is something that we will take care of for you!


Kind regards,



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