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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Change name of account holder.


I am moving into a friends house and would like to take over his AGL energy and gas account. 

What steps do I need to do?
Are there any charges involved that I need to be aware of? 


Thank you


AGL Employee

Hi @k1k1

we offer a great range of services online to open an account, although you cant 'take over' his account we can sure set you up with your own account for the address. for more details on fees and to get started try our online Sign up page




This past post should help you, from AGL's Jeremy, but beware, friends can change when money is at stake so think carefully, tidy up the old account and move ahead with a clean sheet.!!


@JeremyH wrote:

There are two options available for you here:


Ask your friend to add you as a secondary contact on the account. Your friend will remain the primary contact and the account will remain in their name, however you'll be able to make some account-related changes and will be able to pay the bill.

Open up a new account in your name. This will effectively auto-close your friends account, and a final bill will be generated for your friend's account - this will be sent to the nominated email or mailing address on the original account.


Give us a call, or jump on our live webchat and we can get this arranged for you.



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If i sign up under my name it will auto close my friends account. Is he up for any charges?

AGL Employee

Hey @k1k1

 there should be no charges to close the account that will be invoiced to your friend just the usage untill the date you take over.


@BWSS good find on the old post!