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My AGL account #8391XXXX


i just want to complain at the numerous times I've had to call AGL and been told the wrong information or provided the worst service. 


Today i I called to advise that I have had enough and was moving over to Momentum Energy. I called to find out when my next gas and electricity accounts were due. I was told that the electricity meter had already been read last week and that the next reading was due in December. As a result, I would have to wait till then to transfer my account over. I questioned this and asked to be put through to a supervisor. She then told me that she didn't know where my previous consultant got that information and that the meter would be read around 26/09/17. 

I know it may seem minor to you guys but I HATE **bleep** service and the quicker i leave you guys the better. 

Tonights incident is on top of quite a few other issues that have occurred over the years. 


AGL Moderator

Hi @mishcap05


Thank you for sending this feedback through, and apologies for the late response! 


We share your sentiments precisely about poor service. We are committed to providing quality service and your complaint highlights that we still have a long way to go. I hope that your disconnection has happened without any further hitches, despite the fact that we are very sad to lose you. If you still need further assistance, please let us know by speaking to our service team via chat here.


Thank you for your patience with us.

Kindly, Jordan

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I have been with AGL for four months and have had nothing but trouble in all forms.  The service centre and the resolutions team are run by monkeys.  I have been on the phone regularly dealing with various issues some of which take multiple calls to resolve.  I have better things to do than spend an hour or so up to 4 times per week to deal with billing, online access and account problems.  I highly recommend that you DO NOT SIGN with AGL.


I have been waiting since 10th May 2018 for my gas supply to be changed over to AGL now they want me to wait 10 days again to cool off and then next billing period which is 2.5 months away. They were not so nicely told where they can put that idea and i have stayed with Origin for my gas, then electricity will be changed just before the next billing period. Spent at least an hour a week since may on the phone to them and lost so much money because trying to deal with them instead of my clients. Definitely would not recommend AGL to anybody, not even the worse of ex's.