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Bills are higher that usual - Really Frustrated and wasting my time


My last bill was nearly higher than 7 times as usual. Normally it would be around $200. But this time it was $1499. I was following up with AGL for last 2 weeks. They said they will issue a new receipt. But I got the same receipt yesterday which was said that's newly issued receipt. When I had a call with AGL, they said "it might happened because of faulty meter and will ask Jemena to have a look on your meter as they are the gas provider". Till now no one comes and checks the meter. Just few days back I got a better deal from another provider. So agreed to switch to that provider (Note: Before switching had a call with AGL for better offer). After that only I got the shock bill of $1499. In that they mentioned Read Type is "Actual". But for last 1 year bill, Read Type was "Estimate". During last 2 weeks, I am getting a call from AGL to switch back to us for both Gas and Electricity. I thought of switching back to AGL if they provide best offer. Thank God, I was said if you resolve this billing issue, I might think about it.They said they already raised a case and provided reference number. 


Totally 2 cases raised. One is for high bill and another one is for wrong meter reading which is inside home. 

Reference number - 1556798977 (high bill)

Reference Number - 1557462683 (wrong meter reading)


Till now, I didn't get any update from AGL for those cases. Really frustrated with AGL and wasting my time. Will ask my whole friends group and relative circle to never use AGL. 

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AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator

Hi PK1,


Thank you for your post and feedback!


It certainly sounds like you've had a very difficult time trying to get this issue resolved and I apologise that this has occurred.  


The reference numbers indicate that there would be a pending investigation and we try our best to get these closed as soon as possible for you. 


You can follow-up on these investigations via our service team on webchat here.


Kind regards, 



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