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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Billing off the rails


We got an email bill today for $7,423.87 saying we started off in October $33.93 in credit. So I rang AGL and was told the bill was really $2,093.10 which I intended to pay. But I checked my login and it shows bill is $7,457.80 which is the difference between the opening balance (CR) and closing balance (DR) on the bill we received. The billing is off the rails.

Then for the umpteenth time I asked for our electricity and gas bills to be shown on the account, which they assured me they were, even though they have different account numbers. 😞

Then they told me they have us down for a new connection going through which will have a new account number. The address they told me was a property we sold 12 months ago. They were transferring me to another dept to resolve this and I held on for 20 minutes with no response so I gave up.

I've got no idea whats going on.


AGL Moderator

Hey KMP,


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It sounds like we've been making the state of your account fairly unclear for you, which we apologise for. If you'd like some clarification around these issues, you can get in touch with our web chat team here, who'll be ready to help within much less than 20 minutes!


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