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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Bill smoothing and discounts


I am considering setting up bill smoothing so we know how much we are spending each month.

We currently have a couple of discounts applied for paying on time and multiple services. Will we lose these with the smoothing as the amount determined is based on usage and may not take in to consideration the discounts? 



Although bill smoothing has it's merits and seems quite easy to cancel, reading the forum here carefully gives one the impression that it has it's share of horror stories, I'm like you, just an AGL customer but search and read what the community has to say before signing up.




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AGL Moderator

Hi @4peasinapod


Provided the payments are made on time, you'll still receive the applicable pay on time discounts absolutely.


NOV 18- FEB 19 Bill = $567.57 without POTD BUT 404.89 With POTD. a difference of 168.68. I began bill smoothing and have "paid on time" for 6 fortnights (7 now), and the next bill has now arrived. On pg 2 of the new bill it shows "previous balance" total of  567.57 and not 404.89. I was on CHAT today for over an HOUR with Samnegree and I could not get him or her to understand that the POTD was not applied to my account. How can I do this, what I really need is an email address just to show with print screens and arrows and explanations that the POTD was not applied. I also checked my account (billing and then the transactions columns (UNDER BILLING at the top of the screen) with the gas, and i will probably go through this when the next gas bill arrives too as no POTD has been applied to my last gas bill that was READ on the 15 April.

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