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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Bill showing overdue however payment was already made


Hi, my gas account is showing overdue but I made the payment 9 days before the bill was due. Can someone please help me?





Sorry this is a forum, not really a complaints page.


You need to contact AGL directly to resolve this on

131 245


I don't know how you paid but if it was through a bank payment check your bank statement to ensure you paid to the correct account number.


Cheers Neil

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Yes, have the same problem. Seems AGL are useless. By the way Neil C if you can't get any sense from AGL. may as well complain here.



As stated this is a forum.

No-one can help you other than AGL themselves.

Make sure you have paid the correct account number etc etc as per your bill.

Check your payments received on your My Accounts page.


I pay AGL via BPAY every fortnight and they (and my last retailer) never lost a payment.


Contact AGL Here .

Select Chat or Phone.

Make sure you have your last bill with you to supply the necessary details

@Joelle Have you resolved your issue?





Complete joke NeilC,I have documented PROOF ,this has been PAID! I woul never recommend AGL to anyone! After ALL the problems I have HAD with them from start to finish!!!Writing this to ON this FORUM so people are aware!!!.

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Hi Simba275! 

Payments can take up to 2 business days to clear on our end, if your payment was made outside of this time frame, please Contact Us so we can investigate this for you. 


Kind regards,