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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Bill period is too long


I would like to know why, when I look across 12 months of bills they are all approx 90 days but my Oct-Jan bill was only 77 days. Now my Jan-Apr bill period is 110 days long. This is an additional two weeks and seems completely out of line given the weather has now started to cool down. Can I expect this all the time now 😕



Hi Jeyferret, welcome to the forums!

We are sorry to hear about this situation - your distributor is responsible for conducting meter reads on non-digital meters, and they will usually conduct a meter read once every 3 months (90 days). It is possible that the discrepancy you have seen is due to the Christmas/New Year holiday period, however if you would like to query this further you can contact your distributor directly. AGL have a distributor lookup tool available here for electricity and here for gas, so you can find yours.


We offer a number of payment options to reduce uncertainty around billing - you can opt for a monthly bill instead of quarterly, or you can set up bill smoothing on your account - this spreads out the estimated total cost of your energy bills for the next year across equal monthly, fortnightly or weekly installments.


If you would like to know more about these options, you can contact us or log on to My Account

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AGL Employee
AGL Employee

Hi There,


The billing period is determined by the meter reading cycle used by the Distributor in your area. The period is kept as close to 91 days as possible, though sometimes will vary by a few days.


From time to time, the Distributor may need to change the reading date or cycle due to a range of reasons, such as emergency work, increases in the number of properties in a particular area, public holidays or other unforseen circumstances.


A range such as 77 and 110 days is definitely more rare, and you should see billing periods closer to between 80 and 100 days more often in the future.