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Astronomical Electricity Bills for one month - Something is not right


Hi all

Hoping someone can provide some suggestions.


I've moved into a new house. Brought over the same electrical devices we had in the old house. Same usage patterns as in the old house. Old house usage was approximately $150 per month. 


First month in the new house the electricity bill was $480!

It has been 3 months since the last bill and this quarter is $900 in the new house.


I am gobsmacked. When I got the last bill we implemented behaviour change - all power points turned off at the wall when not in use. Restricted light usage to one room only. Restricted heating usage to 5pm to 9pm and only for 30 minutes per hour. Fridge and freezer are 4 star and new.  

There is nothing else we can do to reduce our usage except start using candles and camp fires for cooking.


I have phoned AGL who says "you have a smart meter and we read it from there so the reading is correct. Pay the bill". I have emailed AGL to outline the issue and they say "turn everything off when not in use. Pay the bill"


I cannot afford $900 a quarter! This is ridiculous.  What else am i supposed to do? I am at wits end!


AGL Moderator

Hi shazzm,


Thank you for getting in touch!


I'd like to preface my reply with an apology for the lack of suggestions offered by our customer service team to date. As you have a smart meter, can I please confirm if a member of our team has suggested that you log in to your My Account and review the usage data that has been reported by your meter? In doing so, you can isolate specific time frames in which your usage was higher than usual, which you can then correlate with what has happening in your household at this point in time. This can often provide you with some insights as to which appliances are using more electricity than others.


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Unless like me there is no data available on her smart meter for more than 3 months - hopeless