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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Account balance


Why am I no longer able to look up my account balance?

I used to do this via the app. However now all it shows me is my next due bill smoothing amount and due date. 

I thought maybe if I logged in to the website I might find the required balances, but alas that is not the case.

I own some on my gas account, yet my electricity is in credit (depending on the bill Im waiting for) - by how much I don't know since you have decided to not let me see that helpful (and I think vital) piece of information anymore.


Why was the ability to see the balance of my account removed?


Sorry it really isn't good enough. The information should of remained easily available online.



AGL Moderator

@Fi1302 Apologies that we've caused some frustration for you here. We'll provide your feedback to the app team and get back to you on any plans to reinstate this feature as soon as possible.




Could this be recitfied ASAP. I do not want to wait until my next bill to find out my payments were not received. If I fall behind then it would be my fault I fell behind; and I don't need that stress. I pay via direct debit and could track that my payments were made but I still need confirmation it was received.

AGL Moderator

Hi Crouchy,


Thank you for your post!


The changes made to our app are not due to be reversed in the foreseeable future, so this view will remain in place for the time being I'm sorry to say. We'll ensure that your feedback is forwarded to the App developers for future reference.


If you'd like to check on the status of your Bill Smoothing plan, you can get in touch with our web chat team here.


Kind regards,



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I'm sorry to say I will be looking to other providers for this service as this is important to me. 


Not good enough

That is OUR money you are holding, we have a right to know at any time how much of it you have, otherwise it is in bad faith.

Imagine you handed your allowance to your friend and said "Help me keep track of our spending so that neither of us is ripped off."  Then after a few shopping transactions you asked them, "How much is left?" 
Then your friend said, "I am not telling."  


Absurd, right? 

Well that is EXACTLY what you are doing, AGL! Change your app, change your website, this use case failure is at least a Sev 2 defect for a portal/website such as this.  Fix it immediately and apologise.


The customer wants to know what their balance is.  You have that data. The money is theirs.

Honestly, change this website pronto or lose another long-time customer here too!


I notice some of the posts I read about not being able to see acct balance were in 2018. It is 2020 now and nothing has changed.  I use Bill Smoothing and like to see my balance. 

AGL Moderator

Hi BarnabyKate, 


I can certainly provide your feedback to our teams. At this stage, if you're on bill smoothing, your balance is updated when your bill has been calculated and issued. Your My Account will display when your next scheduled payment is due and if you're behind on the schedule payments. 


Kind regards,