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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

ATLAS Mk7A meter structure


Our previous power meter had a sticker with this info:-

Structure 23

03 - KWh import

07 - controlled

93 - export

Our new one (an EDMI ATLAS Mk7A) with remote reading capability does not have a similar sticker. Does anybody at AGL know what the item numbers that appear in our new power meter mean?  They are:-

03 -

07 -

13 -

43 -

53 -

63 -

I'm guessing 03 and 07 are the same as before, but 93 is missing and we need to know our export figures because our feed-in (export) does not appear in the app - which makes it hard to monitor and control our useage.




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Different states seem to use different meters but when I do a Google on your meter I get something that might help you, you may have to wait till AGL is properly back on board but the below link may help.


This might also help:





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The second link is interesting, especially the bit about Time of Use metering!