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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

AGL not solving supply problem


I just moved to a unit and someone cut my gas supply. Apparently the former tenant did not pay the bills on time and the supplier decided to put a plug on my meter. I called a plumber thinking there was a problem with the heater but he confirmed me that there was a plug stopping the supply.
I have called AGL two times to try solving the problem but nothing yet. The first time the agent told me that they would come and take the plug off within the day, but nothing happened so I decided to call again. The second time they transferred me to the 'solutions' team and they told me that someone would come withing 48 hours. I told them that I called the day before so they had 24 hours, but they answered they did not have any registries of my previous call so I had to wait 48 hours. Nothing to do against that, so I decided to wait again but nothing has happened yet (48 hrs after the second call).
What should I do? How much time is enough? Do you think they will eventually come or should I just change to a company with better costumer service?

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Hi @yo


Thanks for getting in touch. Really sorry to hear you're still without gas - this definitely isn't good enough and we should have resolved the issue quickly but it seems we've let you down. 


Could you submit your details via our support form so we can help ASAP? 





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