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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

AGL messaging...fails to send


I have a question about the solar and battery rebate which appears to be limited to Tesla batteries and one other brand
Each time I try to ask a question on AGL messaging it says your message was not sent!

Is there a direct Email address to get some service or do I best go to another energy supplier ?


AGL Moderator

Hi Mee2! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


This is disappointing to hear, we absolutely want to support you with your query, 


Here is there email address, when you contact them please also provide screenshots of the failed messages so we can get this looked into. 


Thank you 


AGL Community Manager

@Mee2 if you continue to have technical issues using the messaging, please shoot me a private message with your account number and I'll have it investigated.

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The address link you sent in the body of your text would not work either!

very frustrating