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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

AGL incorrect readings


I usually have pretty low electricty bills so it came as a very rude shock when I recieved a bill for nearly $1000 a few weeks ago. I felt sick knowing there was no way I could pay it even if I got a loan my income would be too low to be able to have money to live off + repay any loan. Fortunantly my parents agreed to help me out and pay this bill.


Thankfully my father looked at all the details on the bill closley to find a disgusting discprececy! This bill that was sent to my address was actually a bill from the last rental house I was at over 2 years ago! I had closed that account on that house when I moved house so I was staggered that this bill came through 2 years later. Basically AGL was sending me a bill for someone else who is now living at my old rental. It didnt make sense so we called AGL 2 days ago and relayes this and they were very embarressed to admit that they could see this was an error and they had could see on there own files I had tried to close the account however, it never was closed for my previous rental! So now we are waiting for the resolution centew to come up wih an explination on WTF happened on their side and how they will sort this mess out. They also admitted on the phone that I had over paid my gas account and I am owed $200 from AGL.. again wtf as I always paid my gas in full to what they said so again my assumption is they jave screwed me around but atleast they will pay me back. 


Its a bit ridiculous as you trust your energy provider to get your bills right. Money doesnt grow on trees and in SA these bills are already super expensive. I plan on changing energy providers as soon as AGL fix this mess. So be warned people to read every detail on your bill. Just cos the bill was sent to your house does not always mean ita a bill from your current house!


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Thank you for your feedback!


I'm sorry to hear these billing errors have caused you such a great deal of frustration. Given your bills are generally on the lower side, I can only imagine that this bill gave you quite the shock! It's disappointing but understandable that these issues has left you second guessing having an account with AGL, and I welcome you to send me a private message if you need us to follow up on this for you!


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Unfortunantly the contact and resolution has not been great with AGL with this issue so the energy ombudsman is now advocating on my behalf to come to a faster resolution.