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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

AGL Usage incorrect in online urgent query please help



Can someone check please.  I just went to to check my usage today and found out that the usage seems to be totally incorrect.  Never in my life that I have reached 84.17 kwh.  All of the daily graphs are totally incorrect including previous months.  The graph was fine  yesterday and this was not the graph yesterday.  There was even an update on 27Aug.  Today, the last update was 24Aug.


Currently, my up to date cost is 12.96.  I am just worried that this might go up significantly tomorrow.  My daily usage is just between 8 to 10kwh.  Can you please advise if there is an issue with the update.




Kind regards,



I am having the same problem.  Has been ok up to yesterday but looks very wrong and even does not show usage for 2 days last week.


Hi gralyn,

I think it's already updated.  I had a check yesterday and it seems to be correct again already.